About Us


Founded in 2011 by Dan Coler, Tier One Talent Group Inc. is a new age business model for the representation of musicians,actors, models, and authors–as well as artist development and entertainment career consulting.

The company was conceived to standout in today’s crowded entertainment industry with a single premise: to assist hardworking, talented individuals achieve the highest possible success by providing them with knowledge and tools to play an active role in making their dreams a reality.

Tier One achieves this goal by representing clients in the top 5% of their given market. The company operates with an undeterred mission to produce, promote, and manage our clients’ career paths. Our business model of partnering with talented individuals stems from our strong belief in creating a mutually rewarding profit-sharing arrangement that provides fair compensation to all clients, partners and owners, as well as provides fair royalties to its artists.

We’re bringing Hard Work, Truth, and Integrity back to the entertainment business, one client at a time. If you consider yourself among the Best, we invite you to join us, regardless of where you are on your journey to success.

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